Lumenwerx Responds to EdisonReport re: Covid-19 Claims

June 15, 2020 [addtoany]

Your humble editor received a link to a story from Parc-Extension News about Covid-19 at LumenWerx.  We immediately wrote to a contact we had a LumenWerx explaining, “We have been fans of yours since you started in 2014, but we are going to publish the story from Parc Extension News. If you want to write a rebuttal, or if you want me to interview you, we are happy to do so.”

We received a call within one minute and the caller explained that he was unaware of the story, even though it was originally published on 12 JUN. He demanded we send the link, which we did.

A few minutes later, I received a call from Jonathan Rich, EVP Finance and Operations,  Stephanie Couture, VP of Marketing and Morris Feldman, CEO & President.  They said the story was completely inaccurate and they asked me not to publish. I explained that we had already linked to the story and gave them our web address.  There was much yelling.   One of them shouted,  “This not the finest day for the EdisonReport.”  Another one said the story is all wrong. They went on to say that they spoke to the editor of the publication and the story wasn’t verified and that a retraction or a new story was coming.   I reminded them that we were on the record.  One of them responded, “On-the-record?  I never agreed to that. We are not on-the-record. We are off-the-record.”  There was much more shouting–this time at each other!   They were debating and finally agreed that they were on-the-record.  Another voice explained, “It’s a small, local newspaper written by a student and we are seeking legal strategy.”

On a positive note, I explained that I had heard LumenWerx was doing “100-times” greater than what the government required and that they had recently been inspected and passed the inspection. Stephanie explained that this was all true and they had a document to prove they were in compliance.  I asked them to forward that document.

I asked, “Can you confirm if any of your employees have Covid-19.”  A voice yelled out, “I don’t have to answer that.”

I asked, “Can you confirm if a supervisor has Covid-19.”  A voice yelled out, “None of your business.”

I again reminded them that we were on-the-record and that they were welcome to send me any documents they had.

You can read the original story here.